Kiran G Coaching

Communication is key to life.  

Speak, speak up, speak out.  Make sure you shout out loud!  Do not fear those who come to defeat you, you have chosen those lessons to defeat those who came to defeat you and your life purpose.

If you have great purpose, you will meet some entities who come to defeat you totally.  They wear mask to pass as friends, lovers, family members. Your task is to remove their mask and remove them from your life.  You will have to use those swords that you haven’t used for a while.

In my self mastery, super success, super-magic coaching classes, I teach good people to stand up for themselves.  This earth is plagued by bad people, they are here to hurt, harm, enslave.  they could be themselves passing as a lover, strong warrior women/men have been enslaved for a long time, a great number of super women have been attached (by forceful hypnotic mind-control and violence) to a dark knight, who violate, kill, rape, hurt, harm, enslave the soul of the light-warrior.  You could be a man too! not only women who are being enslaved, good men of light too.

I teach you to rise, to defend yourself energetically, spiritually, mentally, magically.  You become a master of self, a light-warrior.  We do energetic martial arts, KungFu!  You become the Energetic-Ninja! Magic baby!

Once you learn how to protect, take good care of your own energy, I also teach you to manage that energy, to do a good spiritual cleaning, cleansing, to become super master energetic warrior.  Think ALL the super heroes united into ONE!  You feel the powers within you, this is magic.  I teach you how to become a super power, a super human, an upgraded human.  The only criteria: a good heart and come with clean hands.

This power cannot be used to hurt/harm others, but can be used to defend yourself from corrupt/dark forces.  I tell you, no one can touch me!

I do not teach those who do not have good in them, this power isn’t to be abused, it cannot be abused.  It chooses you!  My classes are filled with super powers, energy, magic and secrets.  Once we achieve this state of super-warrior, we can then help others, the world, the universe and beyond.

We do this, to help ourselves, the human race, we vapourise evil, remove by force those who continue to hurt/harm others, help those with no voice, the voiceless, the vulnerable, the weak and enslaved.  The mission is to free the self first, then others who are enslaved spiritually, mentally, energetically, the beings trapped on this planet, we make evil ones responsible for their actions.  This is a mission of light.  Come with clean hands, pure heart – that is the energetic key! we are one, brothers/sisters of light.

That is the mission of a warrior woman/man.  You will be called!

Kiran G