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Category: Self Empowerment

It’s OK to say NO to others!

    You don’t have to sacrifice yourself by hoarding bad influences and people in your life.  If you have been too good and felt that you always had to […]

Kiran G Books – Words become Wisdom!

A crescendo of orchestra on the winds and wings Ancient words surface, old roots uprooted, songs of the light language, in a tongue of foreign lands. The words come on […]

The Air Is Clear!

Words on Wings – When the Heart Carries on Beating It’s a new beginning.  I smell the excitement in the air, the element seems to whisper to me, a whisper […]

Accept Your Shadow Self Fully!

  You have a shadow self for a reason.  If you don’t accept it, that dark side of you, that is there for a reason, to help you, to protect […]

Forgive and Let Go of the Past!

It’s never going to be clear why certain people do certain things.  The only apparent reason is that they do it because that’s what they are used to.  Their subconscious […]

Let The Good Life Begin!

Yes.  It’s here.  Allow it to happen and go with the flow that’s taking you to the sea of abundance.   Kiran G    

Love Heals Fear!

  Love heals fear. See everything with love.  Even the worst of situations, places and people. Let’s deprogram ourselves from fear holograms.  Love is the answer. Kiran G Lightcodes.  

See The Other With Compassion!

Yes life has been tough and some have even done baaaaad things to you.  Why does someone harm another? it is because they fear not having, not getting what they […]

Be At Peace With Yourself!

When nothing, no one is able to trigger you, you have reached your life purpose of being at peace.  When you are able of thinking of your worst nightmares of […]

You Are NO Victim. You Never Were!

When did you start feeling like a victim?  was it taught to you? was it how your parents were? something happened earlier on, in your life and you BELIEVED you […]

See Everyone You Meet As Your Teacher!

It’s the hardest thing to do.  How can we see someone who reaaaaalllyy harmed us as a teacher?  Thinking about the mistakes we may have made, the anger that wells […]

See Love Where There Is None!

See the truth of situations.   Really see the truth, because not seeing what is really happening is denial. Once we see the truth.  Then, draw strict boundaries.  Remove abusive […]