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Category: Kiran G Books

Healing Express Oracle Book, Heal YourSELF Part 1, Heal Yourself with self love, Heal Yourself – Self Empowerment Cards. Upcoming books – Nemesis Liyonix and The Eartheans, On the Wings of the Angels, Heal YourSELF Part 2 and more …


It’s a journey of sorts.  Life is an anomaly, one that can only be deciphered once we look back.  Right in the midst of the brouhaha, nothing is clear, but […]

Kiran G Books – Words become Wisdom!

A crescendo of orchestra on the winds and wings Ancient words surface, old roots uprooted, songs of the light language, in a tongue of foreign lands. The words come on […]

The Air Is Clear!

Words on Wings – When the Heart Carries on Beating It’s a new beginning.  I smell the excitement in the air, the element seems to whisper to me, a whisper […]