Creator of Life!

Life has finally blossomed and the blooms are beautiful Each piece I make is full of colours a story of love, romance, success and beauty. Sculptures – Art of the […]

Healing The Sacred Feminine!

It’s been a while that the goddess was honoured.  Now that we’ve risen again, there is a lot of clearing, healing and purification to do. All of us have had […]

Constellation Healing!

When the family records heal, life balances itself.  There are so many layers to healing, like the layers of an infinite onion, the layers keep on peeling, it may seem […]

Family Placement!

Organising order, placement within the soul. Healing family placements, honouring the family system, giving everyone their rightful place, honouring the living and non living, giving each individual their rightful place […]

Healing Personal & Family Trauma!

Every issue we will ever face, our ancestors have already faced it.  For some of us who are really sensitive and are here to heal the soul of families, we […]

Respect Her!

  Some see women as objects, to be owned, possessed and controlled.  Thank goodness that in my surroundings I have men who love, honour and respect me and all women […]

It’s OK to say NO to others!

    You don’t have to sacrifice yourself by hoarding bad influences and people in your life.  If you have been too good and felt that you always had to […]

Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift!

  When we respect ourself, we gift ourself the ultimate gift that life can offer.  With self respect comes goodness.  Respect yourself enough – to say NO to something/someone that’s […]

Releasing Old Karma!

It’s not going to go away, until we balance the Karma with each other.  Your enemies are not going anywhere, they will stay for as long as you want to […]

Life Is a Switch!

  We switch roles all the time,  we become teacher, learner, master, victim, persecutor, rescuer, fixer, defender, prosecutor, patient, doctor, mother, child, brother, sister, strong, weak, bad, good, lover, hater, […]


It’s a journey of sorts.  Life is an anomaly, one that can only be deciphered once we look back.  Right in the midst of the brouhaha, nothing is clear, but […]

Kiran G Books – Words become Wisdom!

A crescendo of orchestra on the winds and wings Ancient words surface, old roots uprooted, songs of the light language, in a tongue of foreign lands. The words come on […]

Sculptures – Art of the Heart!

When the soul blossoms Life is about creation, love and the beautiful things we create! Choose with your heart, blossom with your soul, it’s time to spring forward!   Get […]

The Air Is Clear!

Words on Wings – When the Heart Carries on Beating It’s a new beginning.  I smell the excitement in the air, the element seems to whisper to me, a whisper […]